Best Payday Loans and Cash Advance Apps 2022

Best Payday Loans and Cash Advance Apps 2022

Payday Loan apps are recent innovations that provide quick cash before your next paycheck but often charge considerably lower costs than payday loan providers or none. Instead of charging interest, app developers are paid via optional “tips” or membership fees. Cash advance applications may be growing in popularity because of the lower prices, stagnant salaries, and financial hardships brought on by the coronavirus outbreak.

The top alternatives were picked after comparing loan amounts, expenses (including hidden fees), processing timelines, and repayment terms.

If you need cash advance apps, we offer the best.

The Reasons to Use Apps

Short-term, low-amount loans are possible using cash advance apps; many don’t charge fees. These applications are ideal if you need a buffer to avoid overdraft penalties, but your direct deposit for payday hasn’t yet arrived.

Cash advance apps may cost less than personal loans. They usually coordinate with your pay cycle, so the loan is taken from your direct deposit. These apps explain payday loan risks and occasionally help build credit with significant bureaus.

How did we choose these apps?

We chose a few of the most well-known applications, downloaded them to our phones, and started testing them to create this list of cash advance apps. In addition to costs (upfront or concealed), eligibility, borrowing restrictions, and interest rates, there were many more factors we took into account. When you need to borrow fast money, we also searched for extra features that can be useful to you. These include overdraft help, credit checks, and speedy money access. We could be paid a referral fee if you use or buy any of the items mentioned in this article.

The 5 Best Apps for Getting a Cash Advance

1. Earnin

Our top choice for the best cash advance app is Earnin. The Earnin app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, has the largest withdrawal cap, enabling users to potentially withdraw up to $500 directly into their bank account. Earnin is a fantastic solution for handling minor unforeseen circumstances or preventing overdraft costs.

Earnin runs entirely on a tip-based approach where you may chip in a few bucks to support the cash advances. Therefore there are no required costs associated with the service. Once requested, your funds will arrive in your bank account within 1-3 business days; however, for a one-time charge, you may utilize the Lightning Speed service to get funds immediately.

Earnin will automatically charge your bank account on payday when it’s time to make a repayment.

2. MoneyLion

A popular cash advance app for iOS and Android is called MoneyLion. MoneyLion, the runner-up among our cash advance applications, lets customers utilize its InstaCash function to request up to $250. This quick loan amount rises to $300 if you subscribe to MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus service.

Because MoneyLion’s business strategy is tip-based, there are no forced costs for using its Instacash service; tip what you deem acceptable to support your cash advances. Within 12 to 48 hours, funds are sent to your bank account, or you may pay a one-time charge for an immediate deposit.

On payday, funds are automatically deducted via a prearranged payment.

3. Dave

In addition to having adorable bear-themed iOS and Android applications, Dave lets you request up to $250 when you need additional cash.

A monthly membership is necessary but only costs $1, and Dave also operates on a tip-based premise where you may tip what you believe your loan is worth to support the business. You may choose between the Expressway for a modest one-time cost or the usual cash-out option, which can take up to three business days to appear in your bank account.

Dave automatically deducts funds from your bank account each payday, similar to other applications, although you may adjust the time if you need to.

4. Brigit

Brigit puts everything behind a monthly subscription, unlike typical cash advance applications that allow direct access to quick cash advances with additional budgeting features behind a barrier. For its complete feature set, which includes credit development and fast cash loans up to $250 that are deposited straight into your bank account, users must pay $9.99 each month.

Due to the monthly cost, you won’t feel bad about not leaving a tip for the service, so if you often withdraw cash, it could be something to consider. Although there is no quick option, Brigit’s money is usually sent the next day (unless you ask for same-day delivery before 10 AM ET).

Your cash advances will automatically be deducted from your bank account on your next paycheck. Still, you may ask for brief extensions after every second advance you repay on time.

5. Chime

You may get a cash advance of up to $300 through Chime’s overdraft protection service if you run out of money. To use this Chime feature, you must have a direct deposit set up with a minimum balance of $300 and a Chime debit card that has been activated.

The service is offered without cost to Chime members. However, you are welcome to leave a tip if you so want.

A chime will automatically reimburse the debt on your next pay month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most excellent app for cash advances?

As a result of its generous loan amount, tip-based earning model. Wide range of delivery options, Earnin is our top pick.

What applications rapidly provide cash advances?

Most of the cash advance apps on our list, such as Earnin, MoneyLion, and Chime, provide the option of getting your loan promptly. However, the latter two charge minimal one-time fees. Additionally, Dave has a fast transfer option that will get you your money in as little as eight hours.

Do any payday loan applications integrate with the Cash app?

The Cash app debit card is supported by MoneyLion, even for immediate transfers. The fact that Earnin, our top pick, does not allow prepaid accounts might cause problems.

How can I get a loan with the Cash app?

To find out whether you may use the service, you must do these steps. Open the Cash app, go to the Banking tab, scroll down, and choose the Lending option. If you cannot access this function, you do not have access to the Lending option. Finally, provide the conditions of the loan and the amount you want to borrow.

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