Can I Get a Title Loan Without a Title?

Can I receive a Title Loan without a Title?

We must first evaluate whether a vehicle title loan may be obtained without the title. Not always is no the obvious response. Why you don’t have the title determines the solution.

  • Title missing?
  • Unreadable title?
  • You paid off the car but don’t have the title?
These answers determine whether you can acquire a vehicle title loan without the title.

Title loans are commonly utilized for time-sensitive emergencies. This is why borrowers seek title loans without the title.

Payday Champion offers straightforward, no-title personal loans and line of credits. Our Title Loans may be the best method to meet unanticipated expenses quickly due to their flexibility and fast application process.

What Are Title Loans?

If you need more money than a payday or installment loan can supply, title loans might help. These loans generally need a car title as collateral, but it can’t be used for another loan. Without a title, you have various options.

Reasons for Title Loans with No Title

Borrowers may lack a title for their automobiles for a number of reasons, many of which are resolvable. Because the solutions to all of them are essentially the same, the methods are identical. Nevertheless, each situation merits attention.

Simple loss is a common reason borrowers lack titles. Drivers forget where they put the title and can’t find it. The title may also be lost or damaged, such as in a fire, especially if a vehicle owner is unable to remove it safely from a dangerous circumstance.

Vehicle owners must visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the Secretary of State Office in or close to their location to get a new one when one of these unfortunate events happens. The procedure should be simple as long as they can demonstrate that they are the proprietors, however it may not always happen immediately away.

How can I acquire one if I don’t have a title?

A clean title, which means it isn’t being used as collateral for another loan, is usually a requirement for getting a title loan. You could, however, be able to get a car equity loan.

Auto equity loans provide you with the same borrowing options as home equity loans by allowing you to use the value of your automobile as collateral. Consider the scenario where you wish to utilize your loan as security but have only repaid 70% of it. You may borrow money using 70% of your car that you already own with an auto equity loan.

Even though there are specific differences between vehicle equity loans and auto title loans, you shouldn’t immediately write off auto title lenders. Some lenders swap the words.

How To Get Qualified?

Get a duplicate copy from your local DMV if you don’t have your title or title information. Your state will determine how this works.

You may complete an online form and have it shipped within two or three business days in certain areas, including New York. Others, like Texas and California, may require you to apply in person or by downloading a form to submit to the DMV.

When you apply, you often need to provide the following:

  • Your submission. You must provide a completed and signed application if you’re sending your application via mail. Certain states could require you to notarize your document.
  • Evidence of identification. Any official identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, is recognized.
  • A charge for title replacement. A personal or cashier’s check may be accepted in certain areas, while a money order may be required in others.

Other Requirements

To qualify for a title loan, you usually need to fulfill the following criteria in addition to holding a vehicle title:

  • Be of legal age. You must be 18 years old in your state to get a title loan. The majority age is 21 in Mississippi, 19 in Alabama, and Nebraska.
  • Have income documentation. Most title lenders need to see current bank statements, pay stubs, pensions, benefits, or other income receipts. You do not need to be employed.
  • Have a current ID from the government. A driver’s license, passport, or another kind of official picture identification is generally requested by lenders.
  • Possession of evidence of residency. Some people want to see a copy of your lease, a recent utility bill, or a mortgage contract to confirm your present residence.

What are the Options

Other options exist if you don’t have a vehicle title for quick cash when your credit is less than ideal.

  • Payday advances. A payday loan may be just as quick and almost as pricey as a title loan when you simply need a few hundred dollars. A payday loan often doesn’t need strong credit.
  • Installment credit. A few thousand bucks are needed. You may get a short-term installment loan almost as quickly and lenient as monthly installments. You don’t need strong credit to qualify.
  • Payday loan substitutes. Whether you’re not in a hurry, you may want to find out if your neighborhood federal credit union provides loans that aren’t payday loans (PALS). While title loans may easily reach 300 percent APR, these loans are available to all credit types and have APR caps of 28 percent; however, to be eligible, you must join a credit union.
  • Nearby resources. Anyone who often needs a little additional assistance may wish to look into regional government programs that might assist with costs like daycare or food.

Having your title will ultimately make it simpler to secure financing for your automobile. The title ought to arrive in the mail soon after you pay your last auto loan installment. 

To sum up

A title loan requires the title of your vehicle. Even if the title is now being used as collateral for another loan or you no longer possess it, you may still use it as security. Get a car equity loan, or ask your local DMV for a fresh copy.

Most Asked Questions

How may I apply for a title loan if I don’t have a job?

Many lenders classify income, including unemployment benefits, as income. Some, nevertheless, could demand that you have a job. Before you apply, confirm that you satisfy all of the lender’s minimal qualifying conditions.

What happens if I have a title loan and my vehicle breaks down?

Depending on the lender, you may still be required to make payments even if your automobile breaks down. If you cannot repay the loan, the lender will ultimately seize possession of your vehicle, harming your credit.

What kind of bank account do I need for a title loan?

You’re expected to have a checking account with several lenders. If you apply in person, it is sometimes feasible to get a title loan without having an account. You may want to give the lender a call before using it to ensure it’s unnecessary since they don’t always make this information available online.

What if I Have a Poor Credit Rating?

Your automobile is a kind of collateral. We don’t do a credit check. We don’t do a credit check. A title loan from our company might help you enhance your credit score. Use your title loan funds to pay off your high-interest credit card, improving your credit score and bank account.

How Do I Recover My Title?

When your debt is settled, we will release our interest in your car and remove the lien from the title. Upon completion, we will transmit your title for processing to the BMV. Then you may keep it.

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