Cash advance lenders and the size of cash advance they offer

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Cash advance lenders
Cash advance lenders

At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves in need of financial assistance. It could be an emergency, a business opportunity or regular bills that you can’t pay at the moment. When borrowing money, it’s good to know your options as having the information and making the right choices is crucial for your overall financial stability. There are different types of cash advances with varying features, but the most common among all cash advances are the high-interest rates and fees. Cash advance is borrowing on a line of credit trough a credit card

The cash can be withdrawn through an ATM or, depending on the credit card company, from a check provided by the company that’s deposited or cashed at a bank. Usually cash advances on a credit card come with higher interest rates than credit card purchases and include a fee for cashing out your credit. Credit card companies charge either a flat rate fee or charge a percentage of the amount. Using an ATM to access the cash, you are charged a small ATM usage fee.

  • How much cash can i get from a cash advance?

business cash advance loans are different
business cash advance loans are different

Getting a personal cash advance can go around 100-500 dollars, business cash advance loans are different.

The premise behind a business cash advance, is that you can sell your future sales and get funded quickly. With this short-term solution, payback usually happens in months.

The cash advance lender determines how much to advance your company by reviewing your past sales. The lender reviews past credit card transactions or analyzes your bank statements.


Most cash advance lenders fund anywhere from 80% to 150% of your average monthly sales. This amount varies by different lenders and is also based on the financial strength of your company.

  • How is the amount of payback calculated?

The amount that has to be repaid ranges from 9% to 50% more than the amount that was funded. Cash advance lenders call this amount a factor, that ranges from 1.09 to 1.50. The payback is determined by multiplying the factor by the advanced amount.

Cash advance transaction example:

  • Advance: $100,000
  • Factor: 1.25
  • Total repayment amount: $125,000
  • Repayment period: 4 months (weekly payment)
  • Weekly payback: $7812.50

Consider getting financial advice from a professional, before getting a business cash advance loan.

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