Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards with $1000 limits for Bad Credit  

Credit Cards with $1000 limits for Bad Credit  – Guaranteed Approval

Guaranteed Approval Credit cards with $1000 limits for bad credit are a practical means to make purchases, settle debt, and cause trip plans. Numerous credit cards also provide cash back, points, or miles for your purchases, which may help you save money. An excellent credit score may be established and built using a credit card.

But which credit card is the simplest to get if you don’t have much credit history or have bad credit? Here’s a deeper look at the cards that could be available.


  • Credit card firms often use credit ratings when deciding whether to approve a request.
  • A credit card may be secured, requiring a cash deposit, or unsecured, requiring no warranty.
  • You may still be accepted for a credit card without credit or bad credit, but you could have to pay a higher APR and fees.
  • If you have adequate money for the deposit, secured cards are a terrific method to build up a thin credit file.
  • Unsecured credit cards often provide lower interest rates, incentive programs, and perks than secured credit cards.

What are the requirements for Credit Card Approval?

Different credit card companies have additional requirements for approval. But typically, the following elements are taken into account when you apply for a card:

  • Your credit rating.
  • Earnings
  • Your Job
  • Mortgage or rent payment each month

What Credit Card Is the Easiest to Get With Bad Credit?

No credit, no history. A thin credit file means you have some credit history but not enough for a score. Applying for new credit may render you “invisible” to credit card companies.

The most straightforward credit card to get in such a situation may be a starter or secured credit card. Cards that you could be eligible for include the following:

  • The OpenSky Secured Visa is a secured credit card that does not need a credit check. Your account activity will be reported to all three of the major credit agencies when you deposit funds between $200 and $3,000 to establish your credit limit.
  • The First Progress Platinum Elite Secured Mastercard does not need a minimum credit score or credit history to be approved. The card is accepted all around the country, and your security deposit is refunded.
  • Deserve EDU Mastercard for Students: Since you may apply for the Deserve EDU Mastercard for Students without a Social Security number, it can be a viable option for students from other countries.

What Credit Card Should I Apply For If My Credit Is Fair?

You can choose from various credit card possibilities if you have acceptable credit instead of no credit or terrible credit. On the FICO credit scoring system, fair credit is commonly defined as a score between 580 and 669.

Some of the most straightforward credit cards to get with fair credit are listed below:

  • The Capital One Platinum Mastercard is designed for consumers with fair credit who want to raise their credit scores. With this card, you may receive CreditWise credit monitoring for free each year.
  • The Discover It Secured Card may assist with credit repair or credit rebuilding. There is a necessary, refundable security deposit. The rewards program on this card also offers cash back.
  • Visa Credit One Platinum Rewards: This card is intended for consumers with acceptable credit who are interested in earning rewards for their transactions. You should be aware that this card has an annual fee and a higher APR, which may make carrying a debt more costly.

What Unsecured Credit Card Is the Simplest to Be Accepted For?

Unsecured credit cards may be opened with no cash deposit. If you have fair or even terrible credit, you may still be able to receive certain unsecured credit cards.

Consider these unsecured credit card possibilities if you have bad credit or no credit:

  • The Credit One Bank Platinum Visa provides cash-back benefits without requiring a security deposit. There is an annual charge for this card.
  • Total Visa: The Total Visa is an unsecured credit card for those with less-than-perfect credit. The card sends credit report information to all three credit bureaus, which may aid in improving credit history. Please be aware that there is a program starting charge for new accounts.
  • Visa Petal 2: This cash-back rewards card comes with no fees and more significant credit limits. At sign-up, no deposit is necessary, and you may use the card to establish or repair credit.

How long does it take for a credit card to be approved?

Although it is possible to get approval immediately, most businesses need one to two weeks to accept a credit card application. The credit card provider will examine your credit history throughout this period to assess your creditworthiness.

How High of a Credit Score Must I Have to Be Given a Credit Card?

You may be accepted for almost every credit card available on the market with a FICO credit score of 750 or above. Some cards may also get you a “good” credit score of 620 or higher, but you could have to deal with higher interest rates or a smaller credit limit. A secured credit card is your best option if your score is 580 or below. You must deposit a set amount of collateral for these cards, which you risk losing if you don’t make the minimum payments.

What Are Credit Cards With Instant Approval?

A credit card that grants instant approval is one for which applications are promptly evaluated when they are submitted. In most cases, they need the applicant to fill out an application online, which consists of simple questions about the applicant’s identity and financial situation. After completing their application, applicants are given an immediate response on their acceptance or denial of their application.

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