Is An Auto Loan An Installment Loan?

Is An Auto Loan An Installment Loan?

Most people have heard of the term installment loans but aren’t sure what it means. Installment loans are a very common type of credit. These loans are also called installment credit or online installment loans. These loans have a fixed interest rate and term. Continue reading to learn more about installment loans and how they work.

Difference between an installment loan and revolving credit

You will receive approval immediately after you apply for an installment loan. The loan is repayable in monthly installments. The amount that you owe each installment for a given period of time is usually the same. The account will be permanently closed once the loan is paid in full.

An alternative to an installment loan is a revolving credit account such as a credit card. Revolving credit and installment credit are not the same thing. You can use a revolving credit at any time so long as you don’t exceed your credit limit.

Types of installment loans

There are two types: unsecured and secured. To get a secured loan, you will need collateral. Unsecured loans do not have collateral requirements. Each loan comes with a different interest rate and repayment schedule. It is a smart idea to shop around, regardless of your financial needs.

These are the most popular types of installment loans.

Auto Loans

You can get an auto loan to pay for a new or used vehicle. A car loan is secured by the vehicle you purchase. Fixed interest rates and repayment terms are common for auto loans. These loans typically last between two and seven years.


A mortgage is required to purchase a property. The collateral is the property. There are many types of mortgages. Most mortgages are paid off in 15 to 30 years. Find out about the different types of mortgages and how to get the credit score you need to purchase a home.

Student Loans

Federal and private student loans are available. There are many options for these loans, including undergraduate, graduate, and other post-secondary education loans.

The loans are not like other installment loans, which you must repay immediately. You can delay paying a student loan until you are employed or graduate.

Personal loans

You can use personal loans for many expenses. However, student loans, and mortgages are used for specific purposes. Other personal loans can be used for debt consolidation, to pay unexpected payments, and to repair or fix your house. The most popular type of borrowing is unsecured personal loans.

Buy now pay later

You may have seen a buy-now, pay-later loan (also called point-of-sale financing) while shopping. Some businesses offer this option during checkout. Instead of paying one lump sum, you can spread your monthly payments over several stages.

 Advantages and disadvantages of installment loans?

Like any type of credit, an installment loan has its advantages and disadvantages. Everything depends on your individual circumstances. These are some pros and cons:


  • Ability to pay for large expenditures
  • Installment loans can be a fast way to borrow the money you need for bigger purchases.
  • Predictable monthly payments: With installment loans, you can know exactly how much you will have to pay each month. This will allow you to manage your budget better.
  • Refinance: You may be eligible to refinance if interest rates drop or your credit score increases. You may see your monthly payments drop, or your payback period may be shorter. There may be additional fees or disadvantages to refinancing.


  • Not very flexible. If you think you have more money, it is unlikely that you can raise your loan amount.
  • This could be a long-term commitment. Installment loans can have a longer payback period.  This means that borrowers will need to pay more monthly over a longer time period. Read the terms and conditions to learn more about late repayment penalties.
  • High rates. Higher interest rates might be available for those with lower credit scores. Higher interest rates can lead to higher loan repayments.

Installment loans and credit ratings

You may be surprised to learn that your credit score can impact the amount you get for an installment loan. When deciding whether to lend you money, lenders will consider your credit score. Your credit score could influence the interest rates and conditions you get. It is impossible to predict how an installment loan will affect your credit score. FICO(r),

Your financial situation will also determine the impact of an installment loan upon your personal finances.

Important considerations

An application for a loan could result in severe credit inquiries. These types of inquiries can damage your credit score (CFPB), according to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Pay your loan back on time and use your loan responsibly. All of these factors can impact your credit score, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Remember that credit scores depend on many factors.  You’ll need to keep track if you want good credit.

Do you think of applying for an installment loan?

An installment loan can be a great way to pay off your debts or buy important things. It can help you raise your credit score if you can make the payments on time and repay the loan as agreed.

If you apply for an interest-bearing installment loan, you may be eligible to receive lower rates. You may still qualify for financing if you have average or below-average credit. However, the interest rate is likely to be higher.

It’s a smart idea to assess your credit score before you consider an installment loan. Payday Champion’s Credit Wise may be able to help you assess your credit score.

Credit Wise provides weekly access to your Transunion(r), credit report, and Vantage Score 3.0 credit score. This will not affect your credit score. Credit Wise is available to all clients of Payday Champion. is another place where you may get a copy of your credit report.



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