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Today, mobile loans are available on smartphones, thanks to technology. You’ll likely find mobile loans when researching loan options. Online loan applications are more accessible and can be completed anytime, anywhere. You’ll need documentation and information to apply. Below, you’ll learn about mobile loans and whether you should apply online or in person.

Do I need a mobile loan?

Mobile loans are an easy way to get money, but they aren’t for everyone. Mobile loans and mobile loan applications have pros and cons.

What does the mobile loan application process need?

Banks and credit unions work differently than other lenders. In most cases, the loan application will ask about similar factors. When applying for a mobile loan, be prepared with the following documents:

  • Any required down payment.
  • Your identity — When applying for a loan online, you must provide your SSN or TIN. 

Some lenders may require a photo ID.

  • Your home address — complete it. Attach mail or bank statements to verify.
  • Income and Ability to Pay Your Loan — Provide proof of annual revenue with bank statements or pay stubs. Your work history, monthly bills, and expenses may determine your loan repayment ability.
  • Lenders verify your bank account information (for direct deposit) after approval.
  • Collateral information

Fill out an application with the required documents. Your lender will need your permission to run a hard credit check. Once submitted, check the app, online, or your email for mobile loan approval. You can review the loan agreement and choose the best option if approved. 

Sign the loan and get the money. Money is usually sent to a checking account.

Mobile loan application process.

Almost every lender, big or small, has an online application for borrowers to fill out. These applications can be completed with a desktop, laptop, or tablet web browser. Mobile loans make online applications easier. Instead of a computer, lenders will give you one of these options:

If a lender has a mobile app, it will likely be in Apple, Android, and Google app stores. 

You must download and log into the app before using it.

Any web browser you can use on your computer (Safari, good chrome, internet explorer, etc.) is available on a mobile device. On your mobile phone, visit the lender’s website to complete an online application.

The entire mobile loan process is digital. The application, credit approval process, credit decisions to determine APR, maximum loan amount, and other loan terms, and fund distribution can all be made online.

Benefits of mobile loans

The mobile loan process takes only a few minutes. Complete a form. Processing is fast; you may get pre-approval immediately and final approval the next business day. No need to schedule, commute, or leave your couch. You can apply on weekends, 24 hours a day, and even on holidays if you have an emergency.

Online loans let you compare terms and options easily. Opening a few pages on your phone can compare products. Then consider loan amount, interest rates, and repayment periods.

Disadvantages of mobile loans

Mobile loans require you to be comfortable using your phone. Online loans are more complicated than bill payments. It’s more like a job application.

Borrowers cannot access all loans online. You won’t find mobile home mortgages online.

Online loan applications require caution since personal information may be at risk with the wrong lender. 

Online loans don’t offer face-to-face interactions with loan agents. 

Depending on your comfort level and financial situation, an online loan may or may not be best. Before deciding, weigh the pros and cons.

Which loans use mobile applications?

Here are the most common online-only loans:

Mobile Payday Loans

Bad credit borrowers can get payday loans. Borrowers must repay small loans within a few weeks. Although flexible and fast, these loans can have high-interest rates and hidden fees, leading to a debt cycle.

Bad-credit mobile title loans

Short-term title loans. The borrower’s car is used as collateral. When applying for one of these loans, you can submit information and documents (title, registration, make and model number, etc.) via smartphone photos. Most lenders require you to attach or email these documents with your application.

Your vehicle’s value, income, and ability to repay the loan will determine the loan amount and eligibility. Although convenient, these loans have high-interest rates. 

If you can’t pay, you may lose your car.

You can apply for a mobile loan in just a few minutes. Your options depend on your credit scores, credit history, income, and ability to repay. Finding a competitive loan online with good or excellent credit should be easy.

Mobile Credit Cards

Credit cards are revolving credit with loan amounts from hundreds to thousands. Credit score and income determine the loan amount and interest rate. Having multiple credit cards can lead to debt quickly. You’ll have to worry about credit limits and fees if you have overdraft protection and overspend. Before getting various credit cards, learn how others manage them.

Online personal loans

Personal loans are unsecured, fixed-payment loans. Banks, credit unions, and private institutions offer personal loans.

They have flexible terms, uses, and credit score requirements. Loan terms can be months to years. Personal loans are popular, so many lenders offer mobile phone applications.

How to Apply for Mobile Loans Safely?

Online security is a significant concern for financial products involving personal information. 

You can protect yourself when applying for mobile loans; here are some tips.

Regularly update OS

You should update your iOS or Android phone as often as possible. Update notifications can be annoying, but they’re necessary. These updates include security patches that protect your online data.

Do lender research

Before applying, thoroughly research the lender. Check customer reviews and complaints. 

Check how your information is shared or used if you apply to a referral service that works with a lender network.

Know state and federal lending laws

Like any other industry, lending may have scam sites and apps. Know your state’s basic lending laws and avoid lenders who don’t follow them.

Give personal information online with caution.

Use a secure internet source when entering online information. Avoid public wi-fi networks and hotspots; use encrypted sites. If applying online, use a personal computer, never a public one.

Consider using websites and apps with security measures. Start with encrypted servers and official app stores.

Research similar loans to the ones you want

Knowing the loan process and average interest rates are crucial before applying. 

This knowledge can help you judge a lender’s fairness and spot red flags with too-good-to-be-true loans.


If you’re comfortable using your computer or phone and don’t mind skipping face-to-face interaction, a mobile loan can save you time. Some loans, like a mortgage, must be completed in person. When downloading a lender’s app or applying online, consider online security.

Author: Jay Batson

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