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Payday Loan That Accepts Chime | Best 6 Cash Advance Apps

Chime is an online bank offering fee-free banking and borrowing services without hidden costs. It also provides instant deposits and payments, which could be useful during an emergency. However, not all lenders are compatible with the Chime app. Payday loans may be one product that the platform doesn’t support.

Main Points

  • Cash advance apps like Dave, a payday advance app, are a great way to get a short-term loan.
  •  You can get a cash advance until your next paycheck and use it until then.
  •  If you already have a Chime account, sign up for the Money Lion credit building card.
  •  You’re lucky if you can get payday loans that will accept Chime.
  •  Chime supports debit card purchases and provides overdraft protection to avoid overdraft fees.
  •  Be aware of cash advance limits and use the cash advance feature on Chime and other cash apps.

What Are the Payday Loans That Accept Chime?

Payday loans that accept Chime are a distinct type of cash advance loans. You take money from a loan provider and repay them on your next payday. This is why these loans are also known as payday loans. It will help when needed, offering extra cash to make it through the month easily. You can also avail of payday loans that work with Chime bank accounts.

Some lenders offer an alternative to payday loans, such as instant cash advances, with more flexible policies. But, it is important to choose the most suitable options for payday cash loans. Some payday loan providers are shady and leave borrowers in financial debt with high-interest rates. Many lenders will grant you a typical payday or personal loan by having an online account at a bank linked to Chime. Some payday loan providers do not provide loans through accounts online with banks. Therefore, choosing the right lender for those payday cash loans is important.

Here’s a list of cash advance apps that work with Chime till you can work on your Chime account to obtain more money and utilize the service more efficiently. The most popular payday advance apps that work with Chime include:

  • Honest Loans
  • The Dave App
  • Figure Loans
  • Cleo
  • Money Lion
  • Klover
  • Albert

1. Honest Loans

The term is simple enough to explain. The loans are fast and reliable, courtesy of a reputable loan company. Honest Loans specializes in providing quick cash advances for people in need.

Honest Loans works with several service providers to give customers the most effective loan. Whether you need instant payday loans or interest-free cash advances, Honest Loans can help. They can accept loans between $200 and $50,000 with a single-day approval rate. It’s hard to find a quicker loan, making them a great alternative to a traditional loan without the loan sharking fees.

Key Benefits of Payday Loans that Accept Chime:

  • You can get the loan within one business day
  • Up to $50,000 in loans can be approved.
  • It takes 5 minutes to apply for a loan with a term of just five days
  • Secure and safe handling of personal data through their mobile banking app
  • There are many types of loans readily available

With all these advantages, you will get a low APR on your repayment of just 10 percent.

Different types of loans

2. The Dave App

Cash advance apps like Dave, a payday advance app, are a great option for a quick-term cash advance loan. Payday loans are a great option if you’re stuck and need cash. These loans can also be helpful if you require money for your weekend. Personal finance tips like keeping track of your credit score and using a budgeting app can help you make informed financial decisions. Moreover, a secured credit card can assist in building your credit. It’s also essential to explore alternatives to payday loans to find a suitable option based on your credit score and financial needs.

To begin, you’ll need first to be approved for your account. Once you’ve received the approval, you can withdraw up to $75 at a time. Also, you’ll need to provide details about your bank account balance (savings or checking account) to get confirmation. The appropriate authorities will check your account to ensure you have a regular salary via direct deposit.

Why should you select the popular paycheck advance app Dave App? Dave App? You can get an advance loan for payday and use it until the next payday. They do not charge interest, unlike a traditional payday loan. Furthermore, the rules are more relaxed in comparison to the other loans.

You could save up to 500 USD annually by signing up for your Dave App membership. In addition, you can avail up to $200 in advances and loans with no fees apart from a monthly subscription fee. The top advantages of the Dave App include its excellent customer service and minimal connectivity issues. The Dave App currently has an average of 10 million daily users.

  • No interest
  • Free Budgeting Tools for Spending Habits and Spending Patterns
  • Minimum Membership Fees
  • Low Withdrawal Limit
  • Low Balance Alerts
  • Credit Counseling services
  • Simple eligibility requirements

3. Figure Loans

The Fig loans have become popular due to Chime’s payday loan. In addition, they’re among very few payday lenders that need to investigate your background. They conduct a “soft investigation” to check your credit history, which involves checking with credit bureaus in summary. However, this is a positive note on the credit report.

If you are in a position to pay for your expenses in time, online payday loans may prove useful. Fig is a short-term loan provider where you can borrow money up to a certain borrowing limit. Thus, they offer loans from $350 up to $700. The repayment terms vary for each customer, with some finding repayment needing help. They usually run from 4 and 6 months. The loan amount and your minimum balance determine the length of the repayment period.

Fig Loans doesn’t charge any additional charges. The company also boasts an APR of 190% compared to 662% of other lending institutions, showing the reduced costs of payday loans. With the introduction of Credit builder loans, borrowers have an opportunity to improve their credit scores. There is also the option of making payments in six months, providing a flexible repayment option. The company currently has a 4.8-star ranking on Trustpilot. Here are the top advantages of Fig Loans:

  • Flexible Credit Reporting
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Simple Repayment Options
  • 190 Percent Approval Rate
  • Credit Building Features with Credit builder loans

4. Cleo Payday Loans that Accept Chime

Cleo is one of the most special money loan apps, a financial app that every person should try at least once. It’s a straightforward application for tracking financial expenses suitable for all users. The application aids you in planning your finances and keeping track of your expenditure. In addition, you can link it to your bank account or checking card, achieving better access to money. Cleo also offers investment accounts for a holistic financial experience. With the cash advance program, Cleo instantly allows borrowing up to $100. You can also open an account for only six dollars per calendar month.

Cleo’s algorithm keeps track of your spending activity and deposit history for you. It will also notice that you’re spending funds or exceeding your budget. Cleo offers a premium service, the “Cleo Cover” product, and Albert Genius financial planning.

It is possible to get an instant advance loan that ranges from $50 to $500 after you’ve signed up as a subscribing member. In the same way, negative balances from an overdraft at a bank charge are more expensive than the membership fee of $6. The cost of a bank overdraft is usually higher than $35. This is why Cleo is a more affordable and faster option for payday loans that take Chime with multiple payment methods available. The top pros of Cleo:

  • Features for Tracking Expenditure
  • No Credit Checks
  • No interest
  • Credit Building Options
  • Budget Alerts
  • Quick Application Process

5. Money Lion

Stride Bank, located in New York, is an electronic financial institution. They’re forward-thinking and have a wide range of financial tools. Additionally, they place an enormous focus on equality at work. This alone is enough to warrant placing your trust in their services. Stride Bank also provides a credit-building service, which can be helpful for credit unions. It can also be used as a quick-payday loan compatible with Chime for those that need money from Chime.

Stride Bank does have its version of interest-free payday loans for those requiring a cash withdrawal during an unexpected expense. This service is only available to customers who bank through the company. The mobile banking service is offered via the business. However, it is not compatible with Chime.

You must sign up for Stride Bank’s credit building card if you already have a Chime account. Its credit card has a low limit, providing users with essential financial tools. You can also purchase the card in monthly installments. Let’s review the best advantages of Stride Bank:

  • Credit Builder Credit Card 5.99 APR
  • Fast Application to Payday Loans
  • APR 0% for quick Loans
  • Free Payday Loan Account with a Payday Loan Account
  • A Free Dollar Each Day When you use the payday loan app

6. Klover Payday Loans that Accept Chime

Your Chime accounts are likely in great condition if you’ve had them for 90 days. Klover can offer you a payday loan between $250 and $500. The funds will be transferred to your Chime account when the company receives them. You must prove that you’ve consecutively had at least three direct deposit frequency checks.

The main benefit of Klover is that they can lend larger amounts of money. However, one drawback is the acceptance threshold for Klover is higher. But, Klover offers one of the most affordable payday loans that will accept Chime. You will enjoy the following advantages with Klover:

  • No interest
  • Overspending Analysis Tools
  • No Credit Check
  • Monetary Trend Alerts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Instant delivery of Quick Payday Loans in 1 to 2 Business Days

In addition, Klover has a smooth verification process for applicants, making it easier for those living paycheck to paycheck to access funds. This feature, coupled with single deposit options and more frequent direct deposit frequency, makes Klover a reliable choice for your payday loan needs.

7. Albert

Albert appears a lot similar to The Dave App. In addition, Albert is a really useful payday loan company. The process of approval of payday advances is easy. All you need to do is enter your personal details and private banking information and authorize Albert to confirm your account and maintain a positive balance.

They’ll review the details of direct deposits in your external accounts. This is needed to ensure that Albert can confirm that you get a regular monthly payment. Then they’ll be able to approve payday loans which they’ll direct to the account of your Chime account.

There aren’t any negative credit checks. This means anyone can obtain payday loans in just two working days, although keep in mind the days for funds to clear. The top benefits of Albert Payday Loans:

  • No credit check for bad credit
  • Simple Application Requirements
  • Fast Loans within 2 Business Days
  • Approval in One Day
  • Standard delivery and instant delivery fee options

What Should We Say About Payday Loans that Accept Chime?

If you are looking for payday loans that will accept Chime, You are lucky. We have listed the top options. Advance loans for a payday that will accept Chime, then you’re fortunate. Here are the most effective alternatives available. They offer low-interest rates and cash-back transactions.

They also have flexible policies and provide a convenient option to access funds without visiting a physical location. So, you can access a payday loan in the Chime banking account and then enjoy it. But make sure you study the fine print before requesting a loan. This will prevent you from having problems later on, such as penalty fees and developing bad spending habits.

Payday loans that accept Chime chart

Here are some statistics about Payday Loans that Accept Chime:

There are also fees associated with payday loans, such as origination and late payment fees.There are a few lenders that accept Chime for payday loans.
Loan amounts:The loan amounts typically range from $100 to $500.
Interest rates:The interest rates are typically high, ranging from 300% to 600% APR.
Fees:There are also fees associated with payday loans, such as origination fees and late payment fees.
Repayment terms:The repayment terms are typically short, ranging from 14 to 30 days.
Statistics about Payday Loans that Accept Chime

Final Thoughts

With the right loan provider, you can easily access funds through a convenient option like Chime. Payday loans that accept Chime are a great way to get quick cash when needed. Read the fine print before signing up for any loan to know exactly what you’re getting into, including details about cash-back transactions. That way, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cash advance apps that are compatible with Chime bank accounts?

Dave, Earnin, and Brigit are reputable cash advance apps that integrate with Chime. They allow easy access to paycheck advances and short-term loans through the account.

How can I get a cash advance using my Chime account with these apps?

Link your Chime credentials in the app, provide required access and identification, and request an advance. The funds will be deposited directly into your Chime checking or savings account.

Are there any fees or interest rates associated with cash advances through Chime-compatible apps?

Yes, most charge either a monthly subscription fee, per-transaction fee, or interest rate on borrowed amounts. Compare costs across apps to find the most affordable option.

What are the eligibility criteria for using cash advance apps with a Chime account?

You need an open Chime account, regular direct deposits, minimum income requirements that vary by app, and identity verification to qualify for linked cash advances.

Can you recommend any reliable cash advance apps for Chime users that offer quick access to funds?

I recommend Dave, Earnin, and Brigit for Chime users based on their smooth integration, quick transfers, favorable fees, and strong reputations.

Kathy Jane Buchanan

Kathy Jane Buchanan has more than 10 years of experience as an editor and writer. She currently worked as a full-time personal finance writer for PaydayChampion and has contributed work to a range of publications expert on loans. Kathy graduated in 2000 from Iowa State University with degree BSc in Finance.