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The Best Personal Loans For Fair Credit November 2022

What’s a fair credit score?

A fair score ranges from 630 to 689 according to the FICO scale. Lenders may view a lower score as a sign of a history of missed payments.

Lenders that lend to fair-credit borrowers are more likely to be able to accept that risk. However, it will have a higher annual percentage.

What is the cost of a personal loan for fair credit?

Borrowers can obtain personal loans with average or fair credit. Your total monthly payment and term length also have an impact on your interest rate. A longer-term will result in lower monthly payments but higher interest rates.

Does a personal loan improve your credit score?

Many factors make up your credit score. Payment history is the most important.

These lenders report loan payments to the credit bureaus. This allows you to build a positive payment history by making timely payments throughout the loan term.

How do I qualify for fair credit loans?

Pay attention to your credit score. This will increase your chances of getting approved and a lower rate.

You can add a co-signer or joint applicant to your loan application. However, co-signing is a risky option. Online lenders and banks offer co-signed and typical loans.

Think about a credit union. Credit unions are more likely to get to know their members and understand their financial history. They may also offer lower rates and flexible terms for borrowers with good credit. Federal credit unions have a cap on interest rates of 18%

Get pre-qualified with multiple lenders to compare rates and terms. This involves a soft credit check that doesn’t impact your credit score and allows you to compare rates.

Pre-qualify on Payday Champion to see rates from multiple lenders who partner with us.


Payday Champion reviews personal loans from over 30 lenders and rates them. We collect more than 45 data points and compare each lender to others who offer similar personal loans by interviewing company representatives. Payday Champion editors and writers conduct an annual fact check and update and make any updates throughout the year.

Our star ratings award lenders that provide consumer-friendly features points. These include flexible payment options, quick funding times, customer service, reporting to credit bureaus, financial education, transparent rates and terms, low-interest rates with no fees, and easy pre-qualification.

 We also take into account regulatory actions taken by agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These factors are weighted based on how they affect consumers’ experience and which are most important.

This method applies to lenders who have a maximum interest rate of 36%. That is the maximum rate that most financial experts and consumer advocates consider affordable. Payday Champion is not compensated for its star ratings—our editorial guidelines.

Payday Champion’s November 2022 Best Personal Loans for Fair Credit

  • Start: Ideal for Fair credit and a short credit history
  • Payment of Best For Fair Credit and Credit Card Consolidation
  • Upgrade – Best for Fair Credit and Rate Discount Options
  • LendingClub – Best for Fair Credit and Debt Consolidation
  • Rocket Loans – Best for Fair credit and quick funding


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