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Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Bad Credit |‌‌ ‌Payday‌ ‌Champion Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Bad Credit

Buy now and pay later for bad credit (BNPL), plans can be challenging because they frequently check your credit. You may not be approved if you don’t have a good credit rating.

You can make purchases right away and then pay off your purchase later. It’s appealing to be able pay in installments when you have limited funds or are managing many purchases at once.

School clothes and school supplies must be purchased before school begins. Holiday purchases should usually be made within a month of each other. Appliances can also break easily. You should consider these and other situations when you can use a buy-now-pay later plan.

 There are buy now, pay later options for bad credit. Find out more about the best options for you if your credit is not perfect and you are looking to make a large purchase now rather than later.

The Best Options to Buy Now and Pay Later with Bad Credit

You should start your search for buy-now-pay-late bad credit options.

Here are some options to consider:

Installment loans with Payday‌ ‌Champion

The installment loans from Payday‌ ‌Champion can be used to fund purchases and are as simple as buy nothing, pay later offers. Our loans deposit cash directly into your bank account so that you can use the funds to purchase without needing to complete additional forms.

You can borrow as much as $500* and repay it with four equal monthly installments over eight weeks. Our app allows you to reschedule payments up to 29 days later, giving buy-now-pay-later months more flexibility and peace of mind when money is tight.

We don’t make our decisions solely based on your credit score. TransUnion and Experian report your on-time payments, which are two of the three major credit reporting agencies, to help you build your credit and get the funds you need.

All this can be done through our mobile app.


Afterpay allows you to pay your purchases in four equal installments over six consecutive weeks.

The down payment is the first installment, which must be paid at purchase. You can use it online or in-store at Afterpay partners. It does not conduct an external credit check nor use credit scores to determine whether you are approved.


Splitit is another company that offers buy-now-pay-late. Splitit allows you to divide payments into up 24 installments. These installments will need to be charged on a credit card.

Splitit does not require credit checks and doesn’t charge late fees or interest. If you do not have a promotional rate of 0%, the credit card you use to make the purchase will charge you interest. Late fees will also apply, so it’s important to remember that. You can still get cashback and other rewards, which is a plus.

Buy Now, Pay Later Online

Layaway plans may also be something you are familiar with. Layaway allows you to go to retailers and pick the items that you wish to buy. Then, you can take the things to the layaway department. The store would then hold the physical items until the payment is received.

Layaway plans are similar to layaway plans. Buy now, pay later companies to allow you to pay in installments. Both let you pay slowly rather than all at once. However, they do have some significant differences.

You will receive your item immediately when you buy now and pay later. You don’t need to wait to pay the total amount to receive school supplies, new clothes, or holiday gifts.

Layaway can be used next at physical retailers. Depending on the company, you can choose to buy now and pay later online or in person. While online shopping may be more convenient, some purchases can only be made in person. A Potential loan has the advantage of using it anywhere you want, online or in person.

You could also end up in a “debt spiral” if you use buy-now-pay-later services. Because the installment payments are so small, you can easily spend more than what you have to. These can quickly add up, and late fees could be imposed if you fail to pay your installments on time. This could further strain your budget.

Be sure to carefully review any buy now-pay later company terms you are considering. This includes possible installment loans. We want you to understand how our loans work to be confident and empowered in your financial decisions.

Companies that Buy Now and Pay Later

How do buy now pay later companies to stack up? Let’s take a closer look.


Affirm offers multiple payment options and a buy-now-pay-later online service. It negotiates terms with each store so that you don’t pay interest. The interest rate and whether you are charged interest will depend on where you shop.

You can spread your installments over 3-6, 12, or more months. Options vary. Before you checkout, you can view the terms.

Affirm does not charge late fees and performs a soft credit check to determine if you are eligible. The document doesn’t require a minimum credit score to be eligible. The requirements for qualifying vary from store to store and are not publicly disclosed.


Afterpay is a buy-now, pay-later option for bad credit. Afterpay is instant approval, spreads four installments over six weeks, and doesn’t charge interest.

Also, it doesn’t look at your credit report, so there is no minimum credit score. Late payments will be assessed a $10 penalty.


Klarna offers multiple payment options and is a buy-now-pay-later service. You can choose to pay in four equal payments, spread over two weeks or in one price every 30 days. Both options are free of interest.

Klarna conducts a soft credit screening and doesn’t require a minimum credit score. Klarna charges late fees, so make sure you pay your bills on time.


You can pay for purchases with Sezzle in four interest-free installments over six weeks.

As a down payment, the first payment is due at purchase. It will check your credit history before approving you. However, unlike other buy-now-pay-late services, it does not publish the minimum FICO credit score required.

Zip (previously known as Quadpay).

Zip makes it easy to divide purchases into four equal installments over six weeks. It also doesn’t charge interest. You will be charged a convenience fee of $1 for each installment.

The zip will check your credit history but not the credit score that you require to be approved.

Buy Now, Pay Later With Possible

There are other options if the above options do not appeal to you or you need a way to use buy now, pay later with poor credit.

Companies offering installment loans such as Possible could be a great option to obtain the convenience of a BNPL agreement’s installment payments. However, some drawbacks include a credit check and being forced to shop at stores that offer a buy-now-pay-later option.

Payday‌ ‌Champion can lend you up to $500 if you have a steady income and a checking account that has at least three months’ history. * This loan can help you build credit!


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