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Direct payday lenders offer money to borrowers without intermediaries or brokers. Brokers or intermediaries have affected how the industry works.

Currently, intermediaries or brokers will ask for your financial information and then sell it to the highest bidder. The security of your information as a borrower is important and it could affect your safety. Financial experts recommend that you look for a company that will give you cash directly.

Dealing with intermediaries will only increase the total cost and you could end up in payday loan consolidation. As a borrower, go to a good firm that will guarantee you peace of mind.


Payday loans online same day deposit

We do our best to get you a direct payday loan with the same day deposit in your bank account.. In order to get cash by the end of the day, you need to apply before 11:30 AM.

This does not guarantee a loan but will increase your chance of getting a direct deposit by the evening. Please not on weekends you will have to wait until Monday at least.

Please call our customer service on (800) 456-3496 if you prefer to apply by phone.

Quick Processing

They all offer short term loans to borrowers. In our form put in your loan amount read the rates and terms and once satisfied sign your loan forms. Our cash advances, title loans and all other cash loans follow the same procedure.

Paydaychampion is an easy avenue for dealing with an emergency. Unlike other financial institutions applying for a loan with us is fat. They are often processed as quickly as within one business day.

If you apply before 11:30 A.M EST you may also be able to get a loan the same day.

Quick Processing


What is the Application Process For A Payday Loan

Applications are usually short and you can apply anywhere or anytime. Security of your information is vital that is why we have https encryption to keep your data safe.

Does Paydaychampion make credit checks?

Loans with no credit checks is slightly misinforming the public. All our direct lenders will do a soft credit check which should not affect your credit score. It is not going through major agencies such as Experian.

Are The Legitimate Lenders?

Reputable companies are those with expert underwriting technology and intelligence that help analyze a borrower’s financial position. Also consider the affordability and availability as well. The website is transparent. In essence, you should apply for an amount that you truly believe is right for you.

The reputation of the lenders?

When all the necessary information is given to you upfront, you will be in a position to make a sound financial decision. You must be careful not to fall for swindlers who promise cheap money and they cannot deliver.

You should ask as many questions as possible to have a better understanding of the terms and conditions. Often they will say they will guarantee money with low-interest rates but you should check the site’s terms and conditions for the real information. The website should have this information there by law.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy
Safety and Privacy

It is essential that the company can keep your financial and personal information safe. Read and understand the privacy and security policy of the company.

A company that puts the needs of the customers first is the best. You can complete your online loan application anywhere and have your request processed very quickly.

If your request is approved, you will have the funds deposited into your account.

They should offer terms that you are comfortable with. Choose someone who will give you good repayment terms that you can manage comfortably. You should make it a point to avoid rollovers.

Rollovers occur when the borrower fails to repay on time and the issuer is forced to extend your borrowings for another period. Your previous successful request and interest are used as a base to calculate the current loan interest.

You will pay higher interest rates and charges because you did not pay on time. Financial experts recommend that you read between the lines when borrowing because some companies will let the loan lag behind or go for a longer period to make more profit. In any case, they can be a precious financial lifeline during your financial crisis.