Why choose installment loans direct lenders only?

Getting a loan approval when you have a poor credit score is not easy. But every time you want an installment loan, you need to be careful where to request for the cash. Picking the wrong lender may result in very bad outcomes. This can be the long waiting period. Online direct lenders are a good way to get a personal loan. Are you wondering why you should choose installment loans direct lenders only? Here are some reasons.

Installment Loans Direct Lenders

Your data will not be passed on

Installment Loans Direct LendersIf you need cash advance right now, there is no need to be afraid of affiliates passing on your data to other lenders. Affiliates play the role of middlemen. They connect fund seekers to lenders who give the cash. Only one lender will get your loan request. That is when you choose to get repayment loans from unmediated lenders. Thus, you will work with the lender alone. This option has several advantages.


Think about what will happen when you allow several lenders to gain access to your contact info. With this option, your information remains confidential. It is not shared with lenders whom you did not choose.

Instant processing of funds

Installment Loans Direct LendersYou do not experience huge delays in the loan approval process. Processing of online installment loans from unmediated lenders is instant. You receive funds in your bank account as soon as the next business day. This means you can solve the emergency as soon as possible. If you have worked with affiliates, you know the delays you have to deal with to get the funds.

You talk straight with the loans lender

It is a hassle-free procedure when you deal with loans direct lenders directly. This is because you need to present your loan application and there is no credit check. The information you give will determine if the loans lender gives you a loan or not. Since you talk to the lender, there are no extended waits or annoying phone calls. Processing of your information is instant.

No annoying emails or messages

The best thing about direct lenders is that you are free from unnecessary messages or calls. Such emails or calls are usually from different lenders who are fighting to give you a loan. When you deal with a direct lender, you avoid such frustrating things.

Pay in installments

As the name suggests, these are installment loans. So, you have the option of paying in installments instead of making a single lump sum payment. You can make monthly payments within the agreed period. Some lenders may give you a repayment period of up to years. But, this option of repaying in installments can be tempting and may cause you to be in debt.

Credit score doesn’t matter

Installment Loans Direct LendersDo you a have a bad credit rating? Well, don’t worry. Bad credit loans are available for people like you. Nobody is perfect and that is why we all deserve a second chance. Luckily, direct lenders offer repayment loans to individuals with bad credit scores. This gives you more reason to consider this alternative borrowing option. It also gives you a chance to improve your credit rating. Although your credit may not be an issue, it is necessary that you access your financial situation first. Get a credit report before you request for a loan from any lender.

Are installment loans direct lenders affordable?

The answer is yes. It is obvious that using an affiliate will cause the charges to be higher as they  get a commission. This gives you another great reason to choose direct lenders. With them, you get reasonable charges. Before you pick your preferred lender, it is important that you do some comparison. It will help you pick a lending source that offers the best rates.


If you need to get something now, getting an installment loan is the best short-term solution. You can avoid the hassle of handling annoying and enthusiastic lenders. You will also get fast approval. The lender will deposit the funds to your bank account. The funds will be available as soon as the next business day. Since it is hard to find a genuine unmediated lender, fill out the loan request form. We will do the hard work for you. Allow us to connect you to the best direct lender.

Installment Loans Direct Lenders