Payday Loans No Credit Check – Where to Find One Online?

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Online Application Process

no credit check payday loansAt the present time, there are online payday loans with no credit check to the rescue.

That is what Payday Champion is all about, to help you get no credit check payday loans as convenient as possible.

Read on to learn more about our installment loans with credit checks no more!


What is a Payday Loan?

Are you experiencing an emergency and the next payday schedule is still weeks ahead? We know the struggle of facing financial situations that need immediate cash.

With that being said, Payday Champion highly advises you to take a payday loan. Check our loans

A payday loan is a type of short-term loan, it involves lending a small amount of money that is used for financial situations where emergencies arise. It comes with a high interest rate which is based on the loan applicant’s salary.

Before granting a payday loan, a written agreement is made between the payday lender and the borrower. The borrower (you) must repay the loan upon receiving your next payday salary. This is also called as a cash advance or a check advance loan.

Bad credit score


How do no Credit Check Loans Work?

Loans with no credit check mean that payday lenders will not perform a credit check on borrowers.

With that being said, a credit check, also called a credit search, is when a lending company checks at the following factors:

  • If you have a bad credit score or not
  • How much credit you currently owe and if you are doing ways to manage it
  • Financial associations (if you have a conjoined bank account, have a mortgage with someone, etc.)


Types of Credit Check

There are 2 types of credit check. Below are as follows:

  • Soft credit check – With this process, payday lenders will only check your credit report. In case you didn’t know, soft credit checks are not visible to companies. So this will have no impact on your personal credit score and on your future loan applications.
  • Hard credit check – This process involves performing an in-depth search on your credit report. Each hard credit check will be visible on your credit report. Which means any company and independent payday lenders will see the complete record of your loan applications.


Requirements for Online Payday Loans No Credit Checks

We have a list of minimum requirements that loan applicants must submit to get a fast approval from our network of trusted payday lenders. Having said that, the basic requirements here on Payday Champion include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Valid ID – Submit a clear scanned copy of 1-2 valid company or government-issued IDs. IDs can be photo-bearing or not, can be a primary or a secondary ID, and preferably with a signature.
  • Bank account – Input the details of your active bank account and credit cards. You must own these accounts. Using other person’s bank account (even if the person is related to you) and credit cards are strictly not allowed here on Payday Champion!
  • Proof of employment and income/compensation – Must submit a clear scanned copy of your employment verification letter and/or certification of employment and compensation/income (if employed). You can simply request these documents to your company or employer.
    If you are a freelancer, work-from-home employee, remote worker, or anyone who is employed to a home-based setup is very much welcome to apply! Having said that, we accept a record of your payment transactions online. To get one, simply download and submit the transactions statement via your online payment system account (such as PayPal, Payoneer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.) where you are receiving your salary (preferably 3 months worth of payday frequencies).
    If you run your own business or manage your own company (if self-employed), you must submit a clear scanned copy of your bank statement (preferably showing the summary of your financial transactions within the last 3 months). You can simply request for a copy of your bank statement from the bank’s official website or on-site – the branch where you opened your bank account.
  • Proof of billing statement – Must submit a clear scanned copy of your proof of billing statement/s (electric bill, water bill, cabled TV bill, internet bill any of these will do) stating your permanent and/or present home address in the U.S.A.
  • If you still live with your parents or you still do not have any proof of billing statements with your name on it, that is definitely not a problem here on Payday Champion.As long as you can prove that the person’s name stated on the billing statement is related to you by blood (let’s say, the person named on the billing statement is your father, mother, etc.), our network of payday lenders will approve your loan application.
    If that is not the case, (let’s say, you live with your stepfather or stepmother), simply submit an authorization letter with his/her printed name and signature. This is to authorize the person that you are applying for loans online.

When you are borrowing money from our payday lenders, you must make sure to complete your loan application profile. Submitting an incomplete Payday Champion profile may delay the application process.

If your loan application is submitted before 5:00 p.m. GMT -6 on a weekday, the payday lender will most likely transfer the funds directly to your bank account the next business day.


Why Choose Payday Champion for Online Payday Loans No-Credit Check?

When you choose Payday Champion for your online payday loans, you will get the following advantages:

  • Quick and Easy Application Process – Whether you are applying for payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans. We guarantee you a quick and easy application process where you can get money on the same day! Say hello to credit checks no more!
  • We Accept Clients with Bad Credit – Here on Payday Champion, we accept clients regardless of their personal credit scores.


Submit your application form today!

Jay Batson
My Name is Jay has and I have a passion for financial writing. I am the chief writer on this blog. I do my best to verify all the information but if there is anything amiss please let me know and I will do my best to correct it.
Jay Batson

Author: Jay Batson

My Name is Jay has and I have a passion for financial writing. I am the chief writer on this blog. I do my best to verify all the information but if there is anything amiss please let me know and I will do my best to correct it.

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