What Is a Bad Credit Score? How Can I Build It Up Further

What is a Bad Credit Score

A bad credit score is a person’s history of paying their bills on time. It shows whether they pay off their debts when they’re supposed to or if they let their debt pile up. Late payments, missed payments, and other financial mistakes can lead to a lower credit score. A business’s payment practices or financial state can also negatively affect its creditworthiness.

Borrowing money at reasonable interest rates can be challenging for individuals and businesses with bad credit. Like any high-risk borrowers, they pose a higher threat to lenders. This applies to all types of secured and unsecured loans, even though options are available, like PaydayChampion’s instant payday loans online.

Key Takeaways

  1. Anyone with a history of late payments or large outstanding balances can be considered a bad credit borrower. You can ask the credit card company to raise the limit for consistent on-time payments without getting too close to your credit limit.
  2. A low credit score is usually a sign of bad credit. It’s typically below 580 on a scale from 300 to 850.
  3. Bad credit can make obtaining a loan or credit card more difficult.

What Do You Know About Bad Credit?

A bad credit score can hinder getting the loan you want or even a job. As we mentioned, credit score ranges can vary by model.

It can lead to these roadblocks: Potential rejection for loans and lines of credit. The types of loans include mortgages, auto loans, private student loans, personal loans, installment loans, some federal student loans for parents and graduate students, and credit cards.

While there are several credit scoring models with different score ranges, 700 or higher is generally considered a good credit score, while 800 or higher is excellent.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can improve your credit score and start building up good credit again if you know how to fix your bad credit and get back on track with your finances.

Note that poor financial health may be linked to a greater likelihood of irresponsible behavior, which will translate into higher insurance premiums for you.

Information on How a Credit Score is Computed

The vast majority of Americans who have ever borrowed money or signed up for credit cards have a credit file at any one or more major credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the main ones.

These files contain information such as how much they owe and whether they have paid their bills on time. This information is used to calculate their credit score. You can get a PaydayChampion payday loan with bad credit and no credit checks here.

The purpose of this number is to serve as a guide to their creditworthiness. The FICO score, so called because the Fair Isaac Corporation created it, is the most popular in the United States.

  • 35%–payment record. This is the most weight. This shows if the FICO credit mix score indicated that they had paid their bills on time. It can still count even if the payment is late by a few days, violating the loan terms. However, the worse the debt, the higher the score.
  • The total amount that an individual owes. These include mortgages, credit card balances, and car loans—any bills in collections, court judgments, or other debts. The credit utilization rate is particularly important. This compares the amount of money the person has available to borrow (such as the secured credit card limits) and how much they owe. Above 20% or 30% credit utilization is considered high and may result in a lower credit score.
  • 15% – The length of a person’s credit history. Your credit history is the age of your oldest credit account, new credit accounts, and the average ages of all the accounts on your credit report.
  • 10%- a mixture of credit types. These can include mortgages and car loans, as well as credit cards.
  • 10%- new credit. This includes any credit that someone has applied or taken on.

What Are the Examples of Bad Credit?

There are many different types of bad credit scores out there. Some people have had their credit rating damaged by medical bills, others because they were in a car accident, and others because they lost their jobs. Whatever the reason for having a bad credit score, here are some common examples:

  1. You have been late paying your bills
  2. Your debt has increased
  3. You have too much debt
  4. You have no history of borrowing
  5. You have a poor payment history

FICO scores can range from 300 to 851. Borrowers with scores below 579 are typically considered to have bad credit based on the information in your credit report

You might get stuck with lower credit limits and higher interest rates — and bad credit might even prevent you from getting that new job.

Experian estimates that 62% of borrowers with scores below 579 become serious defaulters on their loans in the future.

Scores between 580 and 669 are considered adequate. These borrowers pose much less risk than those with poor credit scores because they are much less likely to default on their loans.

Even though these borrowers are less likely to default on loans.

How Can You Improve Your Bad Credit Score?

The first thing you need to do to improve your bad credit score is to figure out why you have a bad credit score in the first place. There are many reasons for having a low credit score, but there are ways to fix them. The key is knowing which of these issues causes your bad credit score.

No matter how low your score is, raising it by following some simple steps is possible. These recommendations come directly from FICO:

1. Automatic Online Payments

You might face higher interest rates and lower credit limits if you have a poor score.

One of the best ways to keep your accounts current is by setting up automatic online bill pay. This allows you to set up recurring monthly payments without remembering to make each on-time payment monthly.

2. Credit Card Debt

Using your credit card to buy a big-ticket item like a car or home is a great idea. However, this can hurt your credit score because it increases your overall debt load. Instead, try using cash or a debit card for large purchases.

3. Check Interest Rate Disclosures

You should always read the fine print before getting it from the credit card issuer when you apply for a new credit card. Some cards charge interest rates higher than others. Ensure you find the rate you’ll be charged before applying for the card.

4. Unused Credit Card Accounts Can Be Closed

Consider closing them down if you’ve been carrying several unused credit cards. Closing old credit card accounts will show lenders that you’re responsible for money and won’t have balances on multiple cards simultaneously.


If you have a low credit score, getting the loan you need may not be possible. But don’t give up hope yet! There are many ways to improve your credit score and increase your chances of getting approved for a loan. You need to know what you should do and how to do it.

The best way to improve your credit rating is by making sure you always make your monthly payments on time. If you miss one month, it will show late in your report. The more months you keep your account current, the better your credit rating will look.

You can also try negotiating with your creditors to reduce the amount owed. For example, if you owe $1,000 but only want to borrow $500, ask them to accept half the balance. They might agree because they don’t want to lose customers willing to work out repayment plans.

You can also apply for a personal loan or line of credit from a bank or credit union. These loans usually carry a lower rate than auto loans.

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My Name is Jay has and I have a passion for financial writing. I am the chief writer on this blog. I do my best to verify all the information but if there is anything amiss please let me know and I will do my best to correct it.

Author: Jay Batson

My Name is Jay has and I have a passion for financial writing. I am the chief writer on this blog. I do my best to verify all the information but if there is anything amiss please let me know and I will do my best to correct it.

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