Pre Approved Credit Cards for Bad Credit

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If you apply for credit cards with bad credit, pre approved inquiries will not affect your credit score.

The offer is not pre-approved. Anyone who is offered credit must fill out an application before being approved. A pre-approval indicates that the lender has assessed your credit report and determined that you are a good candidate. It does not guarantee you will get credit. The lender will require your annual income.

Pre-approved offers may sometimes be called “prescreened.”


  • A soft inquiry will determine if you are a good candidate to receive additional credit. The pre-approved offer will be sent.
  • If you submit a credit request based on an offer, lenders may ask for difficult questions.
  • A soft inquiry will not affect your credit rating.

Two types of credit inquiries

Two types of credit inquiries can be made regarding your credit score. These are called Soft Questions or Hard Questions. Hard inquiries do not mean that a lender is looking to extend credit to you or has done so in the past.

A consumer fills out a pre-approved offer. A lender might use the soft inquiry to offer or pull a new report with a more complex investigation.

Only the consumer can see soft inquiries. The soft inquiry does not have any impact on credit scores, and lenders cannot see them.


Hard inquiries are used to verify the applicant’s identity, whether they are applying for a loan or credit card. This indicates that the applicant may be considering taking on more debt and has made positive steps in this direction.

Potential lenders might be willing to review hard inquiries.

Hard inquiries may impact a consumer’s credit score, but only in some instances. If there are many of them, it is unlikely to. Hard questions have a small impact on credit scores compared to other factors such as bill payment history or credit utilization rates.

Hard inquiries could be a problem if you’re about to apply for a mortgage. Lenders may be concerned if you plan to add large debts to your credit report.

Lenders might deny credit applications to borrowers who have made too many inquiries in their past. This could be a sign that the borrower is in financial trouble or anticipating large future expenditures.

These hard inquiries can be removed from your credit file after two years. If you’re unable to wait two years, your hard questions might be released sooner.

Soft Inquiries

A lender will use a soft inquiry to determine whether to pre-approve a consumer for a credit card. A lender can also use delicate questions to review a consumer’s credit history and check for any activity.

This is when your credit rating is checked.

Even hard inquiries, which are initiated when you apply for credit, don’t affect your creditworthiness–unless you have a lot of them in a short time.

How can you opt out of pre-approved deals?

If you don’t want to be pre-approved for credit cards, federal law allows you to opt-out for up to 5 years. To do that, you can either call 888-5-OPT-OUT (888-567-8688) or visit You can also opt-out of pre-approved insurance plans.

You can also opt out permanently by visiting this website. After you submit your request online, you will need to sign, return, and complete a permanent opt-out election form.


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